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Organic denim


With over a decade of experience the fashion industry, Ruili Fashion is guaranteed to provide high-quality, responsible and stunning-looking products at exceptional delivery time.

About the Factory

Located in the Chinese Fashion Capital - Humen Town, Ruili Fashion is a full-service fashion enterprise that engages in all stages of product development and specialises in all types of garments.

We are currently only sourcing their organic denim pieces, but we have great plans in the pipeline to do a lot more with Ruili Fashion in the near future.

Quest for Organic Denim

We spoke to Nancy, the owner, directly and she shared and understood our goal to create organic denim pieces and didn’t stop until she was able to source organic denim for us. 

After hearing rejections and refusals from many other factories, Nancy was a godsend! She got to work straight away and managed to find exactly what we were looking for! 

Her determination and our shared vision of sustainability and responsibility gave birth to our popular organic cotton pieces that you love so much: Tinker denim bottom and Bloom Jeans.

Ruili Fashion’s organic cotton is produced under strict ecological and social parameters throughout the supply chain and manufacture process. The material is verified as sustainable, ethical and fair fashion production.

Their Pledge

Fully-ready to show their commitment to sustainability and responsibility, Ruili Fashion have pledged to acquire their BSCI certification in the year 2022, when they believe that they will have the cash flow to do so. We are extremely excited with the direction they are moving.