ethical certification



On our quest of finding ethical manufacturers we went down an Instagram hole and just our luck, we were able to connect with Vera, the owner of this amazing factory. Vera invited us to quick call and we were struck by her warmth and dedication to helping us with our unique vision. 

About the Factory

Established in 1975, this factory employs 250 works in the city of Jiaxing. Having worked with reputable brands - including the likes of Chloe, Dior, Kookai, Burberry and Tommy Hilfiger - we knew that we would be getting the best of the best when it comes to knitwear.

About the Owner

In 2018, when we began to commit ourselves to delivering and creating ethical products, we ran into Vera, and on Instagram out of all places! Vera is a full-time factory owner and part-time wedding designer and photography-studio manager. 

Vera is always kind and patient and takes the time out of her day to share her knowledge with us about the manufacturing processes that techniques that are used in her factory. Every time a new knitting technique or yarn is used, she will the dedicated the time to explain the process to us. 

What is most notable about her business ethics is that Vera pays her workers much higher than the minimum wage, which cannot be said about most factories.

About the Material

All products have been OEKO-TEX certified. What this means is that every single product produced by this factory has been tested and vetted for harmful substances and have been produced in an environmentally friendly and safe and socially responsibility facility in accordance to OEKO-TEX guidelines.

Vera also shares a similar vision for sustainability and encourages the brands that she works with to use organic cotton wherever possible. Unfortunately, at this point in time it is not viable for us as the minimum order quantity for organic cotton per color is 200kg. As we produce in very small and exclusive drops and our designs incorporate so many different colors, it is not sustainable or economical to go ahead with this. We do hope to incorporate more sustainable fabrics into our products where we can and are searching for other sustainable materials that have a smaller buy-in. 

Commitment to Anti-Corruption

Aside from their commitment in workers' rights and fair wage, this factory puts a massive emphasis on battling corruption in the workplace. The factory has identified situations and activities where corruption, extortion and embezzlement are most likely to occur and have developed policies against them. Additional procedures to eliminate, avoid and investigate and discipline any fraud, falsification and misrepresentation in the supply chain has also been established.

All the different colors of yarn we have used to bring the Alice in Wonderland Sweater to life!