• Can I get free earrings?
  • What earring options are available?
  • How do I claim my free earrings?
  • Why are you giving away free earrings?
  • End date?

You are eligible to receive a pair of earrings from the above 4 styles for free as long as you make a purchase!

The 4 pairs right above are available! We offer them in both gold and silver options. If you would like to find out more about each pair, simply click on the any of the earrings above. This will lead you to the specific product page. 

Once you add an item into your cart, a pop-up will appear, prompting you to pick your free pair. If, somewhere along your shopping journey, you decide that you would like a different free pair, you can amend your order at the top of your cart page. Your cart is located on the upper right hand side of your page!

In the case that nothing pops up for you, please head down to your cart to pick your free pair of earrings after you have added everything you would like into your cart. If you're unable to locate the free gift options at your cart, you can write down which free pair of earrings you would like in the instruction box (please remember to include the colour too!). The instruction box is located at the bottom of your cart. 

If you do not include a free pair of earrings into your cart or leave us any instructions regarding the pair you would like, we will automatically send through the Margeaux Earrings in Gold to you by default. 

Our customers love our earrings and well, we love them! We are giving away free earrings to thank each and everyone of you for your support and loyalty. 

Our free earrings also serve to promote creative energy and expression. We believe that everyone should get creative and we hope our quirky free earrings can inspire you to do just that!

This particular promotion does not have a foreseeable end-date just yet. 

We do swap out the current styles for different styles every few months.