• Where do we ship to?
  • Where do we ship from?
  • How long is delivery?
  • Custom fees?
  • Shipping cost?

For the most part, we ship WORLDWIDE with the exception of a very small list of countries (mainly North African countries and smaller remote islands).If you happen to be from one of these countries and have just purchased an item, we will contact you asap and issue a refund, sorry!

We ship from our partner factories/suppliers/warehouses based in China, Korea and Singapore. Some stock may be stored in a different warehouse and so your package may sometimes come in 2 parts (this is rare though)!

Free International standard delivery: 14-25 days (subjected to minor delays during busy periods such as Christmas and Black Friday). Longer deliveries times can also be expected to Mexico (due to the long customs process and geographical location). 

Express International delivery: 5-12 days

We claim a low price on your packages to help you avoid custom charges (or large and outstanding charges). However this is not a guarantee as different countries have different policies so it would be useful to do some research on the import taxes in your own country before buying. 

On the rare chance that you are charged a custom fees, it is your responsibility to pay it when your package arrives into your a country.

Standard shipping: It's on us so it's free for you! 

 Express shipping: A flat rate of $20 USD no matter how much you buy.

  • I have a defective item
  • I changed my mind
  • It does not fit
  • I am missing an item
  • My package is lost
  • My package has been returned

In the case that you have received a defective item, please send through an email with your order number, your dispute claim and photo evidence for our review within 14 days of receiving the item. We will be happy to offer you a full refund or reship the item to you (you don't have to send us the item back most of the time!).

In the case of a change of mind due (and any other subjective reasons), please kindly contact us within 14 days of receiving your package. You must send the item back to our receiving hub and this is a cost you will have to bear. It is only once we have received the item back and check that they're still in their new condition that we can issue you your refund or put through an exchange. 

This excludes earrings. Earrings are NOT exchangeable/refundable due to hygiene purposes.

In the case that you have received an item that does not fit you, please contact us within 14 days of receiving the item. You must send the item back to our receiving hub and this is a cost you will have to bear. It is only once we have received the item back and check that they're still in their new condition that we can issue you your refund or put through an exchange. We provide measurements for all of our pieces and so failure to measure yourself against these measurements will be at your cost and not ours. If you're unsure of what your size is, please email us and we'll most definitely help you out!

We have many different warehouses where we store out stock, as a result, your order can sometimes be coming to you in two seperate packages. If this is the case, you would've been sent two tracking numbers so go through your inbox to double check! 

 On the off chance that we have made a mistake and have failed to include one of your items - we are so so sorry! Please email us immediately and we will send the missing item through at once. 

As with every delivery service, packages can sometimes go missing and we are so sorry if yours has. Please kindly get in touch with us and we will send through a replacement package to you immediately.  

If your tracking number indicates that your package has been returned to us, please get in touch with us as soon as possible. We will look into the reasons for the return (usually due to an incorrect address or the failure to pick up your package in time), and issue a resend immediately. 

  • My tracking number has not updated for a while
  • There is no tracking information
  • My tracking link tells me to pick up

The shipping company  will not always consistently scan your items into the system at every check point. If your package is in transit it will usually just simply assume the status of 'in transit' or 'en route'. As long as it is still within the stipulated shipping timeframe, there shouldn't be anything to worry about.

Additionally, once the package enters the destination country, it will be handed over to the local postal service (for example, USPS in the USA, AusPost in Australia, Royal Mail in the UK etc) to complete the delivery to your address.

When this happens, you may sometimes find that the tracking link we've provided you with will have stopped updating. There are a few reasons for this:

(a) Your local postal courier will change your International tracking number to a local tracking number and so your existing tracking number will no longer be updated from this point onwards or;

b) Your tracking number does not change but can now only be tracked now on the website of your local postal company (etc. the Royal Mail website for packages to the the UK etc.), or;

(c) Your tracking number does not change but your local postal company does not update your shipping information at all

In the case of (a) and (c), please kindly get in touch with your local post office (either by phone or by heading down there directly), with your tracking number to inquire further about the status of your delivery. They will be able to provide you with more information as they will be responsible for completing your delivery. 

Tracking information can sometimes take 5-10 days to render as it really depends on when the post office decides to scan them it into the system. If there is no tracking information shown, please kindly check back in a couple of days. 

If it has passed the 10 day mark, and there is still not tracking information available, please get in touch with us and we will follow up with the post office to see what's going on. 

When your tracking link alerts you to 'pick up', it will usually mean that your local delivery company was unable to deliver your package to you successfully (either because they could not find a safe place to leave your package or were unable to find your address based on what you have provided us). 

You will need to get in touch with your local post office (either by phone or heading down to one) as soon as possible for more information on how to pick up your package! If you plan on heading down to your local post office directly, there is a highly chance that your package is sitting there waiting for you, so it would be a good idea to bring some ID too!

  • What sizes are available?
  • Why is your sizing so limited?

Most items come in one size but each design will have their own measurements for you to compare yourself to. Please keep in mind that these measurements may be 2-3cm off due to human error. Some items come in sizes such as S, M, L. Sizes and measurements can be found in the description on every product page. 

We are deeply sorry about our lack of sizing options. We would love to bring out a range of different sizes and are currently trying to introduce different sizes for a small handful of our designs. However, as we're still quite a small company with a tight budget, we do not currently to have the economies of scale to do this for all of our pieces.

  • How do I wash your items?
  • Do you offer gift wrapping?
  • What currency are your prices in?
  • Different tags/labels
  • Order Cancellation
  • Contact us

We recommend to hand-wash all of our clothing as we loveeee our colours! 

Unfortunately, do not. 

Our jewellery do however come in cute little boxes and our clothing come in cute little plastic packages!

Our prices are in USD.

If you'd like to see the equivalent in your own currency, simply head to the top right hand of your page and click on the little drop-down currency menu and find your own!

We are in partnership with many independent designers and affiliate factory brands and so the tag on our clothing can sometimes have a different label! Our partners, manufacturers and curators all work together in collaboration to bring you quirky and niche clothing from all over to make Kina and Tam the ultimate one stop shopping playground for the ultimate big kid!

We aim to ship out your packages as soon as possible, so if you would like to cancel (or change)  your purchase please let us know within 24 hours of purchasing your items. 

Have more questions? Contact us at:  info@kinaandtam.com

Due to the overwhelming number of emails that we receive, we aim to reply in 1-3 business days.