About Us

The Kina to Kina & Tam

Seeing the world through hopeful and dreamy eyes will always keep you on the path of possibilities, this was the case for me. Growing up in a beautiful but small town in Belgium, I’ve always recognized that there was a world out there with endless possibilities for me to explore. So, one day I packed my bag and flew halfway across the world to Australia to begin my journey. What transpired subsequently was way beyond imagination! 

I consider myself an analytical person, with a love for problem-solving, data analysis, cost analysis, and financial analysis, which perhaps account for my love of computer games that require high analytical skills. 

In Melbourne, I taught myself media buying, a task that involves processing and assimilating large numbers of data. My analytical skills stood me in good stead when I got employed in the world of customer service retail and subsequently in becoming an co-owner of K&T. 

The Tam to Kina & Tam

I have loved all things fashion and creative design from a very young age. I used to re-purpose and resell secondhand clothing at fairs and markets during my school holidays and on weekends and doodled a ton in my spare time. Like any self-proclaimed fashionista who grew up in the early 2000's, I also spent most of my days reblogging aesthetic images on Tumblr, kept a fashion blog with a modest following of 200 people and even flirted with the idea of becoming a fashion YouTuber. About 10 minutes after uploading my first video, I quickly realised that I did not enjoy seeing myself in front of the camera and quickly took my account offline. For those wondering, the video was a thrift haul and I wish I still had a copy today so that I can reminisce!  

Growing up, I've always been a strong creative, and my wardrobe was and is how I express my creativity. I dress what my heart tells me, regardless of what others might say, this has given me the happiness and confidence to break boundaries. 

In 2014, I left Vietnam, where I grew up, to start my own adventure and begin a new chapter of my life in Melbourne, Australia. In between pursuing a degree in Psychology at the University of Melbourne and working part time in an internet café, I found time to indulge in my passion and Kina and Tam was created! 

How It Begin

Kina & Tam was born in a small apartment in Melbourne, in 2017. 

Both passionate people that with complementary skills and personalities, we recognized a void in the world of fashion and decided that we would try our hand at filling it! We saw the need for alternative fashion pieces that are unique in every way and that emphasize standing out rather than fitting in.


Without any prior business experience, we committed ourselves to sleeping nights and endless hard work - falling, picking ourselves up, and learning every step of the way to slowly and steadily to grow K&T. All the while I was maintaining my part-time employment and getting that degree, and Kina kept his day job in customer service. 


In 2019, we had grown to the point where we were both able to quit our day jobs and pursue K&T full-time and we are both so happy to be doing what we love!

Our Mission Today

Our number one mission is to help people be themselves.

Kina & Tam is a fashion brand for people who are not afraid to take a blast to the past, people who want to express themselves with loud, colorful fashion pieces and explore their identities and creativity.

Kina & Tam is for people who are not afraid to let their inner child out, who still want to play dress-up, and not take fashion too seriously. Every piece of clothing is inspired by the daily events – the the setting sun, food, flowers, animals, houses, and sometimes just pure unbridled joy! 

But sometimes, we draw more profound inspirations from our collective struggles – mental health, relationships, social media, etc. 

We are all about self-expression so that you can be whoever and whatever you want to be and live your best life. Thank you for coming with us on this journey.