Pull half your hair back and pin it into place with one or two hair clips. Heck, add a third pair if you want to!

(Pictured: Hair Clips from our Dynastia Hair Clip Set)

Sweep your hair back and slide your barrette into your hair on one side. Slide it over your ear, under your ear, near your hair line, wherever you want. By changing the placement just a little, you can achieve a completely different look!

(Pictured: Barrette from our Confetti Barrette Set and hair clips from our  Moonglade Hair Clip Set)

Hair accessories can elevate any hairstyle you wish to rock. Wear it over a french braid, an up-do, or a bun!

(Pictured: Hair Clip from our Dynastia Hair Clip Set)

Don't forget to accessorise the back of your head. You'll definitely give people something to remember you by when you walk out the door!

(Pictured: Hair Clips from our Dynastia Hair Clip Set)

Slide matching barrettes into both sides of your hair to achieve this super cute look of Behati!